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Your reenactment shop for historical crafts. We have everything for making your own ink, belt, bag, knife, oil paint, tempera. For museums, living history and reenactors

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Historical crafts, living history, reenactment & museum education materials

We have a large assortment of raw materials and craft materials for living history, reenactment and museums. . As a reenactor you often show historical crafts to visitors during an event at a festival or in historical museums such as Dublinia. Crafting is more fun if you have good materials to work with and find a craft that you enjoy. We have everything you need for leatherworking, historical painting with tempera and oil paint, historical writing, woodworking, making clothes, making arrows, making a knife, making fire and much more.

Medieval scriptorium and painting like Rembrandt: making historical oil paint, making tempera, writing on parchment & papyrus with homemade ink

In our shop you can find everything for a medieval scriptorium and for making medieval works of art like the medieval monks. Make your own historical oil paint by mixing our historical pigments with linseed oil and paint in the style of Rembrandt. Or make medieval tempera paint as seen in the medieval illuminated manuscripts. You can make tempera paint by mixing the yolk of an egg with pigments. We also have everything to make your own ink, and real papyrus and parchment to write on. Great for medieval reenactment & living history, and for demonstrations in a museum.

Leather working and sewing materials: making a belt, bag, scabbard, needle binding, making historical clothes

We have a large assortment of leather belt straps, bag fittings, buckles, belt fittings, historical needles, linen thread, weaving cards and scabbard fittings. With these items you can make a Roman, Viking or medieval belt, make Viking and medieval bags, decorate a scabbard, weave and make a historical garment. Fun to make your own creations during your reenactment event! And also great for crafting at home and as a gift for craft enthusiasts.