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Halloween clothing

Are you looking for a nice Halloween outfit and do you want to dress up as a fantasy figure such as a vampire, witch, elf, orc, troll, wizard or devil? At Celtic WebMerchant you will find everything you need for your outfit. Our Halloween clothing is more authentic and of higher quality than most party stores. We have witch hats, cloaks, dresses and more. We also have accessories such as antlers, skulls and devil horns: perfect for your Halloween outfit but also to bring a room into Halloween atmosphere.

Buy Halloween mask and makeup

At Celtic WebMerchant you will find a wide range of high quality latex masks, as well as make-up and special effects for a Halloween outfit. We have fake blood, zombie masks, troll masks and also noses and ears. For example, witches noses, troll ears and more. These are easy to apply and last a long time. Our masks, noses and ears are also used at the Halloween events in various amusement parks in Europe. Our make-up is water-based and easy to apply, they can also be used in combination with our Halloween masks. You can adjust the masks with the make-up.

What is Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated annually on October 31, also known as All Saints' Eve in the Christian world. Originally, Halloween was a Pagan festival. The Celts celebrated New Year's Eve on October 31 and New Year's Day on November 1. The Celtic New Year is also called Samhain and was a harvest festival because the harvest had just arrived. After the Christianization of Europe, Samhain became a Christian holiday. In the 19th century, Irish and Scottish migrants took the celebration and traditions with them to America. Halloween is now a popular celebration with elements of the past. Halloween has a horror theme because of All Souls' Day: this celebration reminds one of the wandering souls who have yet to reach heaven. The pumpkin is reminiscent of the harvest festival, and at All Souls' Day people used a hollowed-out turnip with a candle in it to ward off evil spirits. The pumpkin is an American fruit so the influence of the migrants from the Celtic world is clearly visible here. Nowadays people go trick-or-treating in horror costume, watching horror movies or having a costume party.