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Viking leather armor & leather brigandines by Epic Armoury, Deepeeka, Mytholon

In our webshop you can find brigandines and chest armor made of leather. Almost everything in our collection is made of vegetable tanned leather or suede leather. Our leather armor is made by the best brands in reenactment & LARP: Epic Armoury, Deepeeka, Mytholon and Ulfberth. Our leather armor is perfect for Viking, medieval and fantasy costumes and LARP, Cosplay and reenactment.

Medieval leather armor for LARP, Cosplay and reenactment

Here you can find all the separate leather armor parts you need to put together a leather armor for LARP, Cosplay or reenactment. In our collection you can find everything from Roman to Viking, fantasy and samurai. We have leather helmets, leather arms, chest armor, knee cops, helmets, gorgets and more. This leather armor is also perfect to wear separately with your LARP costume.