Viking winingas leg wrappings

Authentic Viking winingas. Herringbone and wool. For Viking living history & reenactment. Many colors in stock! Lowest price! 24/7 customer service!

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Viking leg wraps

Europe's largest selection of Viking clothing by the best brands! Buy Viking clothing such as Wikingas, kaftan, leg wraps, Viking trousers, Viking tunics and much more. You can put together your entire Viking costume in an instant. We sell Viking clothing for Medieval festivals and fantasy festivals. We also have Authentic Viking clothing for living history & Reenactment. Our Viking clothing is made of cotton, wool or linen.

Authentic Viking Winingas

The authentic Viking Winingas are made of wool. We offer wool, linen and rough woven cotton Viking winingas from various quality brands. The leg wraps can be fastened with special fibulae. Not only Vikings wore Winingas. They were widely used in the early Middle Ages. Germanic tribes such as the Alamans, Franks, Goths and Merovingians also wore Winigas.

Viking Winingas, how do I fasten my leg wraps

Start at the foot and finish halfway down the lower leg to wrap your leg wraps. Fasten the leg wraps to your trousers with special brooches made to hold the winingas in place.