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Steampunk LARP weapons and accessories

Steampunk LARP is one of the themes in LARP. We have steampunk items that are made for steampunk LARP characters and battles. We have leather items such as plague doctor masks, coats and all kinds of other accessories that are ideal for making your own steampunk LARP character.

Postapocalyptic LARP & scifi LARP

Discover our postapocalyptic LARP weapon collection! When the apocalypse arrives, you will use anything you can find on the street as a weapon. Most of these LARP weapons are modelled on real everyday objects such as ice axes, tools, baseball bats and hammers. Sometimes they are modified to survive in the postapoc world. Our LARP weapons are made by top brands such as Epic Armoury, Mytholon and Calimacil.