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Discover our full medieval leg armor, medieval greaves, knee cops, thigh armor & more knight armor. Marshal Historical, Ulfberth, Epic Armoury, Mytholon & custom made greaves

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Medieval greaves, knee cops and leg armor for reenactment

Leg armor such as greaves, knee cops and thigh armor is essential for reenactors. They protect the vulnerable body parts that are often hit in reenactment battles. We have medieval greaves, tassets & full leg armor as worn by medieval knights. Our leg armor is based on historical originals such as the Avant armor, Churburgh armor and a large variety of armor from the Royal Armories and Wallace collection.

Knight leg armor for LARP

We have 1 mm thick leg armor for LARP, made by top brands like Epic Armoury & Mytholon. Our greaves and leg armor for LARP is based on medieval designs, but we also have fantasy leg armor.

Top quality medieval leg armor

We have custom made leg armor and leg armor by the best armor brands. Custom made leg armor, greaves and knee cops are tempered and especially made for full contact reenactment, Bohurt and jousting. Most reenactors buy leg armor by Marshal Historical because of its fair price and the steel thickness. We have the entire Marshal Historical collection, including full Gothic leg armor and Italian leg armor.