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Medieval knives & daggers, Battle-ready and sharp

Discover our medieval daggers and knives. Handmade and daggers from top brands like Windlass, Deepeeka, Cold Steel. Our sharp daggers are based on real medieval knight daggers. Our blunt daggers are made for reenactment combat and martial arts. They are functional and often come with a leather sheath. These daggers are suitable for wearing to medieval fairs and festivals.

Scottish dirk & sgian dubh

The sgian dubh and Scottish dirk are perhaps the best known of Scottish weapons beside the Broadsword and claymore. Sgian dubh is Gaelic for black knife and was often hidden in the sock. Originally a banned weapon, it was used as a last resort when swords were not allowed. The Scottish Highlands have been a dangerous place throughout history. Clans had mutual alliances and hostilities dating back hundreds of years. That is why Scottish Highlanders were armed to the teeth. Almost everyone carried a dirk. The Scottish dirk was often made from broken broadswords and claymores. Scottish dirks were used together with the broadsword and the shields of the highlanders, the targe.

Celtic, medieval & Viking knives

Discover our assortment of Viking knives. Replicas of knives have been found in cities such as Dublin, Birka and Haithabu. Knives that the Vikings used in everyday life. Our knives are handmade of high quality. The knife grips are often made of bone, brass and wood.