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Shoes and boots for historical costumes, LARP and reenactment. We have Viking shoes, medieval shoes and pirate boots by Marshal Historical, Epic Armoury and other brands.

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Historical shoes and boots for LARP, reenactment, living history, Cosplay & festivals

A beautiful historical costume also includes fine and reliable historical shoes. We have various shoes by the brands Marshal Historical, Ulfberth, Epic Armoury, CP-Schuhe and Leonardo Carbone. Our shoes and boots are based on authentic historical shoes. They are made of strong smooth leather, suede leather or imitation leather. The authentic reenactment shoes have a leather sole, so caution is advised when walking on asphalt and other modern surfaces. Some of our shoes have rubber soles for a historic look, combined with modern convenience for visiting festivals and events.

Authentic Roman shoes, Viking shoes, medieval shoes, pirate boots, pirate shoes and musketeer boots

We have sandals, shoes and boots from all periods of history. So you can always find shoes or boots that match your historical costume! We also have shoe nails for your leather soles. Our historical footwear has traditional buttons and straps, buckles and laces completely in the style of your reenactment, LARP or Cosplay character.