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Roman, Viking & Medieval plates, cups, beer mugs, bowls and dishes for reenactment & LARP. Perfect for historical cooking. Replica plates and glass. Free shipping available

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Viking plates, cups and glassware

Discover our collection of Viking plates, glass and pottery for living history and reenactment. They are made of wood, glass and clay. Our Viking glass and pottery is based on archaeological finds in Birka, Gotland, Jorvik and Haithabu. The Viking plates, beer mugs, glass and pottery in our shop are authentic.

Medieval plates and cups

Discover our handmade Medieval pottery. Much of our pottery is made in an authentic way by traditional potters. Even the clay and glaze is traditionally made. Our medieval plates, beer mugs and cups are perfect for medieval reenactment and LARP.

Plates and cups for Living History, reenactment and LARP

Discover our assortment of authentic glass and pottery. We sell Roman, Medieval and Viking pottery especially for living history. So you always have authentic replicas for your historical reenactment. In Living History, the details are the most important. Your Roman, Medieval and Viking accessories should be authentic and based on historical originals. Impress everyone with beautiful utensils, plates and cups from history.