Make your own belt

Here you can buy everything you need to make your own medieval or Viking belt! We have leather straps, Viking buckles, medieval belt fittings and more.

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Making your own medieval or Viking belt

Discover our collection of leather straps, buckles and belt fittings to make your own belt. With our separate accessories you can make your own belt according to your own taste. Our buckles and belt fittings are based on real archaeological finds. Such as the Sutton Hoo ship burial. Our buckles and belt fittings have pins with closures. You can punch holes in the belt through which you put the pins, and with the closures you can fasten the buckles and belt fittings. Prick holes in the leather for the buckle to your own size. You can also decorate the leather of the belt with a burner or by cutting into the leather. You can make patterns in the leather, such as Celtic knots or a Thor's hammer.