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Medieval Arm armor, vambraces and pauldrons for sale

Discover our armor parts such as pauldrons and vambraces. We have armor parts by high quality brands such as Marshal Historical, Epic Armoury, Deepeeka and GDFB. We also sell custom made forged and tempered arm parts. When you buy vambraces and pauldrons, it is important to know which gambeson, acketon or subarmalis you will wear under your plate armor. You might even want to wear a hauberk underneath. If you already have your gambeson and / or hauberk, wear them when you measure your arm sizes for vambraces and pauldrons. If you have questions about the sizes, our employees are always at your service.

Combine a hauberk or gambeson with pauldrons and vambraces

Infantrymen often did not wear full armor at all. Armor parts were looted on the battlefield and used by infantrymen. As a result, they often wore a random collection of knee cops, pauldrons or vambraces that they fastened to the gambeson, brigandine, acketon or hauberk with leather laces. This is also a great idea for reenactment & LARP and gives a very realistic reconstruction of medieval infantrymen. Also, you do not have to buy a full armor to start reenacting or LARPing. The brigandine or coat of plates is perhaps the best known piece of armor made by foot soldiers from pieces of plate armor that they found on the battlefield.