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Everything you need for LARP archery! Leather bracers, arrows, quivers, gloves, bows, longbows. Epic Armoury, Beier, Mytholon & more brands. Safe for LARP battles!

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Do you want to do LARP archery and participate as an archer in LARP battles? You need a special bow and arrows for LARP. There are also special crossbows and crossbow arrows for LARP. The bow may have a maximum draw weight of 25 lbs or the arrows will hit your opponents too hard. The arrows must have a rubber safety tip.

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We have bows and arrows that are specially made for LARP and approved for LARP battles. Our archery items for LARP are made by Epic Armoury and other top LARP brands. We have many different LARP bows in the online store: traditional wooden bows, recurve bows, crossbows and small bows. All the bows have a max. draw weight of 25 lbs, which is safe for LARP battles. We have round headed LARP arrows with rubber tips, these are safe to use in LARP battles.