Decorating scabbards

Discover our large collection of decoration for leather sheaths. Ideal if you want to make your own scabbard for swords or knives. Viking sword scabbard accessories, seax decorations & more

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Make your own scabbard for a sword or knife

We have Viking and medieval accessories to make a sword or knife sheath. With these accessories you can make your own sword scabbard and decorate it as desired. If you already have a basic sword scabbard, you can use these accessories to decorate it in Viking style. For example, we have scabbard tips. You can use the tips to decorate the end of the scabbard. Additionally, the tip makes the sheath much stronger, and ensures that your sword does not protrude through the leather. We also have fittings for the top of the sheath to protect the leather. And scabbard fittings to decorate the leather. All these accessories are based on finds in Viking graves.