Ballistol anti rust spray, helmet display stands, arming caps & Roman crests for Roman, medieval & Viking helmets. Rivets and straps, steel and wooden stands.

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Helmet display stands for your Roman, Greek, Viking and medieval helmets

Here you can find everything you need to display your historical helmet. Like wooden and steel helmet display stands. Add vervelles to your sallet or bascinet helmet for fastening a chainmail collar or aventail. You can also decorate your helmet with large feathers.

Maintenance of LARP & reenactment helmets

In LARP and reenactment battles you need a helmet. So it is very important to maintain your helmet regularly. Especially when it has rained during an event and your helmet has become wet. Dry your helmet, remove any rust with black sandpaper and grease your helmet with ballistol oil. After intensive battles it is possible that rivets, the helmet inlay or leather straps are damaged. These can be easily removed. We sell replacement parts for your helmet. This way you can also replace your textile helmet inlay with a leather helmet inlay.