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In our assortment you can find a large number of different types of medieval, Viking and Renaissance daggers. Like the rondel dagger, the kidney dagger and more. We have semi-sharp and razor-sharp decorative daggers for the collector and blunt battle-ready daggers for reenactment and Historical European Martial Arts. Of course you can also use our sharpening service to blunten semi-sharp daggers, and to sharpen semi-sharp daggers razor-sharp.

Daggers by Windlass Steelcrafts, Deepeeka, Hanwei, Cold Steel and other top brands

Most of the daggers in our selection are from the best brands and experts in historical replicas and replica daggers. Nearly all daggers and seaxes in our assortment are authentic replicas of real daggers from history, which are now on display in museums. Daggers are a great gift for yourself or someone else. Make use of our lowest price guarantee and always buy these top brands for the best price!