Drinking horn holders

Your shop for drinking horn accessories. We have steel horn stands and leather drinking horn belt holders with Celtic and Viking decorations. Display your new horn in style

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Drinking horn holders and holsters for your belt

When you visit a festival you can hang your Viking drinking horn on your belt with a leather drinking horn holder. With a holder you can also show off your beautiful carved Viking horn to others instead of hiding it in a bag. A great accessory for your Viking costume! When you feel like drinking ale or mead you have your drinking horn quickly at hand.

Steel drinking horn stand

Unfortunately medieval fairs are not every day. When you do not wear your horn to a festival, it is a beautiful piece of art for your home. A carved horn is beautiful to display in the living room. Place it in a steel drinking horn holder so that it can stand upright by the fireplace, on the table or on a cupboard. The horn stand also shows off the carvings on the horn. With a hand-forged holder, the horn looks extra good in your pagan home.