Liberation of Brielle

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April 1 Brielle: commemoration of the liberation in 1572


The history of Brielle is best known for the Eighty Years' War. The Netherlands was occupied by Spain and the citizens were the victims of all kinds of measures such as taxes, being forced to be Catholic and restrictions on freedom. This led to a revolt. The Water Beggars were on the side of the insurgents. Beggars were freebooters and privateers. For example, they hijacked Spanish ships so that the Spanish economy suffered a blow. They also liberated Den Briel from the Spaniards, after which many other cities followed. Yet the fall of Brielle is best remembered and this is the only liberation in the Eighty Years' War that is still celebrated so widely. This is because this liberation was seen as a tipping point, after which more cities fell.


Annual April 1 celebration in Brielle


The liberation of den Briel is still an event celebrated every year in Brielle. There are many street events, such as reenactment where the liberation is re-enacted with cannons and a Beggar boat, music and much more. There is also the famous chalk night, where people from Brielle write on other people's windows in the dark with chalk. Many residents and visitors to 1 April Brielle dress in 16th century costumes for the occasion.


16th century costume for April 1 Brielle


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