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Medieval chaperon

The chaperon is one of the most popular items of clothing from the early Middle Ages. A chaperon was worn by all classes in society and were made in dark colors, or beautifully decorated bright colors. Chaperons often had a long hood at the back, this was fashionable. Our hoods are based on images in medieval manuscripts. In the Middle Ages, they protected the head against cold and rain, perfect if you had to work outside all day. With reenactment and LARP they are also very useful if you camp during bad weather. They are also nice and warm to sleep in.

Bycocket and other medieval headwear

In addition to the chaperon, people also wore other headwear in the Middle Ages. The bycocket is a hat that was in fashion since the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. Many men wore a simple cap that was tied under the chin. This kept their hair in place and it protected the head from the sun when working on the land. Hats were also worn against the sun and rain. A beret was mainly worn by wealthier men, because this was not really practical for work.

Ladies’ wreath and other medieval ladies' headwear

Women wore a headscarf or a cap, this was a symbol of purity and marriage. Only unmarried girls and prostitutes did not wear a headscarf or cap. Medieval women also wore hats when they went outside to get water, for example. Richer women wore a silk headscarf or some other expensive fabric or a bonnet. A hairnet was also worn by wealthier women, and the ladies wore a round wreath with a veil. The hennin was a pointed headdress. For common women, this one was impractical as they did everyday chores around the house. Rich ladies moved less so they could decorate their hair with stunning headwear.