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Discover our replica coins for reenactment and LARP. We have leather authentic money pouches, Roman, Viking and medieval coins. Based on original coins. Coin sets & coin packs

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Roman replica coins, denarius & aureus

Discover our collection of Roman replica coins. Based on archaeological finds from all over Europe. Roman coins with emperors, denarius and aureus coins. These coins are made of pewter and the gold color of the aureus is a gilded layer. Our coins are made for collectors and are used in schools worldwide. Roman coins are also great for practicing Roman living history and Roman reenactment. All the coins are handmade in England!

Medieval and Viking replica coins

We have replica Viking coins from the city of Jorvik, but also medieval coins from the Rose War and the Scottish War of Independence. Discover our replica Medieval coins for History, Living History or LARP. All the coins are made of pewter and handmade in England by craftsman.


Medieval leather pouches for sale

Store your coins in one of our handmade authentic medieval leather money pouches. Made after historical originals. Your reenactment or LARP outfit will be perfect with authentic coins and a medieval purse! Leather pouches were already used by the Romans, Celts and Greeks to store their money in.