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Large assortment of Roman, Viking and medieval cutlery. For reenactment, LARP and medieval cooking. Authentic cutlery sets, knives, forks, spoons and meat forks.

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Roman, Viking and medieval cutlery for LARP and reenactment

Most of our cutlery is based on historical originals from Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Food picks were used in the Middle Ages instead of forks. We have forks, food picks, knives, spoons and more made of wood, forged steel and stainless steel. For LARP you can choose cutlery in historical style but made of stainless steel. If you are a reenactor, you might be more interested in the authentic replicas. We sell medieval cutlery sets with a pouch which you can hang on your belt.

Visit Medieval fairs, Viking reenactment and LARP events in style

Many visitors to medieval festivals, reenactors and LARPers spend months putting together a costume. The devil is in the detail. Buy accessories like Medieval and Viking cutlery that perfectly matches your costume. You can use the cutlery to eat your lunch when you visit a festival or LARP. This is also better for the environment than using plastic cutlery.