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When buying a mail hauberk it is important to know which gambeson or doublet you will wear underneath it. Measure your chest circumference, belly circumference and chest circumference including upper arms while wearing the gambeson. These are the sizes you need for buying a hauberk. It is also important to measure your torso length and arm length. All our hauberks have a size chart so you can check which size will fit.

Chainmail hauberk or haubergeon

What is the difference between the hauberk and haubergeon? The hauberk reaches to knee height and covers the arms completely. The Haubergeon is shorter, gives more freedom of movement, is short-sleeved and reaches to the hips.

We sell Ulfberth, Mytholon, Deepeeka, Epic Armoury & GDFB hauberks

We only sell hauberks by top brands that have proven their quality for many years. This prevents damage and incorrect dimensions. All our hauberks are functional and can be worn as a costume, in LARP battles and reenactment battles.

How to wear a hauberk

Knights in particular wore hauberks. Often they wore a coif over the hauberk and a great helmet or bucket helmet. But hauberks were also worn by infantrymen. In the Late Middle Ages a brigandine or other pieces of armor were also worn over the hauberks. These were fastened to the hauberk or gambeson with leather straps.

A LARP aluminium hauberk or haubergeon

Hauberks can also be used as LARP armor. Plain butted chainmail is sufficient for LARP battles. We also have lightweight aluminum hauberks for movies, theatre and LARP.

Hauberk and haubergeon maintenance

Steel chainmail can rust. This is normal and has happened all through history. The best way to get rid of rust on your chain mail is to rub it back and forth vigorously. The rings grind off the rust. Sometimes it is necessary to replace rings in the hauberk when they get damaged. We also sell all types of chain mail rings, rivets and of course chain mail pliers.