Katana blades & other parts

Blades, samurai sword grips, fuchi & kashira and tsubas for making your own katana sword and repairs. Katana wall displays. Made by top brands Hanwei, Citadel, Cold Steel and John Lee.

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Handmade tsuba for sale

In our shop we have beautifully decorated tsuba to make your own katana sword. You can also use our tsubas to replace the tsuba of your katana when it is damaged. The tsuba protects the hand in battles and training.

Repair and make your own katana sword

We have several spare parts for samurai swords. Many katana swords have a grip that can be released from the blade by wooden pins. Katana grips wear out faster than blades and that is why we offer separate parts to update them or of course to put together a grip yourself. The seppa is the small disc at the bottom of the tsuba. It holds the tsuba in place. The hakabi is the plate under the seppa and closes the tang construction at the level of the blade. The grip is often wrapped with samé, this is rough ray skin and was also sometimes used on the grips of European sabers. Samurai sword grips are then wrapped in leather, cotton, or roughly woven silk. The tsuba is the cross-guard of the samurai sword and protects the hand. These were often richly decorated.

Display for Samurai swords

Discover our displays for katanas, wakizashis, bokkens and tantos. Many of our displays are hand painted or hand painted with Japanese characters. Katana displays can also be used to hold European swords. You can hang them on the wall or place them on a surface like the floor or a table.