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As human beings, we have been conditioned to conform to the dogmas and systems of modern society. When you deviate from the system, you are considered "strange" or "different". With the Internet, information is no longer a privilege of the bourgeoisie. Everyone now has the right to wonder why we should live the way we are living now. LARP, reenactment, living history, bushcraft, Cosplay and fantasy represent an escape from modern society. A longing for the way our ancestors lived for centuries. Being in contact with nature, being outdoors, stories, together with friends, tradition, creativity, fantasy and a slower and more fulfilling life, filled with the things that really matter. We have become alienated from our way of life and want to bridge the gap between past and present.

A human being without history is like a tree without roots. We use history to live a happier modern life and put our lives in a century-long perspective. Modern life has good sides, but there are also major drawbacks. Such as a lack of meaning and depth. With knowledge of history you can hack the system. You can choose who you want to be and what you want to stand for, outside the dogmas of society. With the freedom of modern life in combination with fantasy and interest in our ancestors, we can tell our own story.

You can tell your own story using world building. Our ancestors already did this with myths and legends such as the Edda and Beowulf. They invented these stories to explain the state of affairs in the world. Over the years, the goal of world building has mainly become meaning and enrichment of your life. Like, for example, the stories of fantasy writers JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin. In Roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, you also use knowledge of the medieval world and enrich it with creatures such as elves and dwarfs. So you see that high fantasy is of all ages. Such creatures already existed among the Celts and have evolved over the years as our stories have changed. What is also centuries old is telling stories inspired by historical events and people. All sci-fi and fantasy stories ultimately stem from foreknowledge of the ins and outs of our history and our world with which new worlds are built. History and fantasy are therefore inextricably linked.



Why are we #HistoryRebels

We love history, but the main thing is that you can enjoy your role, story and character yourself. We sell everything you need to tell your story and give meaning to your life, from elven ears to replica pottery. Everyone should have the freedom to empathize with their character the way they want. You can have studied Viking history, but still want to live and interpret your own version of a Viking. Your ancestors lived for you, they wanted you to be happy. And now it's your turn to live the way you want.

Become a History Rebel too and discover that 80,000 people have already preceded you!


Buy historical items with a modern service


Unlike many other LARP and reenactment companies, we offer a modern and fast service. For example, we expect that you need 24/7 customer service, always have a live view of your receipt date, ordered before 8 p.m., shipped the same day (unless you have bought something very exclusive), sometimes need advice via our live chat and if something is not right, you can just send it back. If something is damaged in the post, that's not your problem: we'll fix it for you. You don't have to worry about it.

We are not Neandertals and believe that this excellent service is part of modern life, to which History Rebels are entitled.


Celtic WebMerchant and the job market


History teaches us that respect comes from proving yourself. We offer young people opportunities to prove themselves and take them seriously. The founders of CWM have been in this business for over 10 years. We try to pass on our knowledge to young people. For example, we train young people in coordinating and management tasks. In managing the flow of goods, as a product specialist, as a live support, copywriter, customer service representative and more. In short: we offer young people a fair job and salary in accordance with the collective labor agreement. Many other companies in this sector employ people as volunteers in the store and at festivals, while these are tough jobs. We disapprove of such practices! By buying from us, you support hardworking people who make their own lives.


Join the #historyrebels

  • Tell your story your way
  • A modern life with a heart for your heritage
  • Choose who you want to be

Our team leaders


For the future: More languages? A wider range? Maybe send by drone? Patrick's passion is to create strategies and set course to achieve them.



If you contact us, there is a good chance that you will speak to Judith. Accounting and purchasing are also for her account.



Nienke is an all-rounder! She not only manages the logistics so that you receive your package, but as a content manager she also ensures that new products are added to our range every week.

We care about the climate
When packing your package, we try to take recycling of materials into account as much as possible. We reuse all the large boxes we receive deliveries for our warehouse for shipping large orders and long items. Is your package packed with plastic blue bags and bubble wrap? We also receive this material during deliveries and reuse it in shipments to customers. At Celtic WebMerchant, nothing is simply thrown away. Returns are also not destroyed with us, unlike several large webshops.

Over the years we have participated in many large and small projects, from museum to film and from escape room to living history. See below for a small selection of our customers:


the Netherlands



Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam

AccessCambridge Archaeology

Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, Caboolture

Archaeological Museum Haarlem

Beverly Minster

Amusement park Toverland

British Museum, London

Movie / TV

Biblical Culture Foundation

Canterbury Archaeological Trust

BBC (Dr Who)

Bureau Archeology Haarlem

Castle Douglas

ITV (Beowulf)

Eindhoven Museum

Dewa Roman Experience, Chester

Studio 100 (The House of Anubis)

Gelderland castles

Experience Barnsley Museum

Endemol (Various shows)

Municipality of Bodegraven

Fulham Palace Trust, London

Starz (The White Princess)

House of Hilde, Castricum

Glastonbury Abbey

Ghost House Pictures

Hunebed Center, Borger

Herford Museum


Monastery Ter Apel

Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

Fire and Blood Productions (Game of Thrones)

Madurodam, The Hague

Jorvik Viking Centre, York


Museum, The Hague

King Richard III Visitor centre


Museum Bergh, 's Heerenberg

National Maritime Museum Cornwall, Falmouth

Circus of Flanders

Museum Boerhaave, Leiden

National Museum of Scotland

Castle of Horst

Museum Dorestad, District near Duurstede

National Roman Legion Museum

Kunsthuis Opera Vlaanderen

Museum Gouda

National Roman Legion Museum Caerleon

Le domaine des Grotte de Han

The Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen

National Theatre, London

Museums Maaseik

Museum Castle Wijchen


Provincial Archaeological Museum Velzeke

National Glass Museum Leerdam

Newcastle Castle

Provincial Gallo-Roman Museum, Tongeren

National Military Museum, Soest

Peterborough Museum

Roman Archaeological Museum Oudenburg

New Church, Amsterdam

Poole Museum

Municipal Fiertel Committee, Ronse

Provincial Gallo-Roman Museum

Royal Armouries, Leeds

The Outsider Coast, Nieuwpoort

Rijksmuseum Muiderslot

Shakespeare's Globe, London

Tourism Flanders

National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

Society for Lincolnshire: History and Archaeology


City Museum Groenlo

The Bowes Museum


Thermal Museum, Heerlen

The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent

Museum Ostjylland

Wallibi Holland

Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Museum Sønderjylland - Sønderborg Slot

Wildlands Adventure Zoo, Emmen


National Museum, Copenhagen

Zeeland Museum, Middelburg


Ribe Viking Centre


Oreas Historical Services



Viking Triangle, Waterford


Museum of Badalona


Natural History Museum, University of Oslo