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Buy a Viking axe: Viking throwing axe, decorative axe or battle axe

Here you will shop the most beautiful Viking axes in Europe! The axe was the most important and common weapon of the Vikings. An important everyday tool for surviving the harsh life in the north, it was also taken on raids and to the battlefield. For reenactment it is an essential weapon and axes are a wonderful gift for modern Vikings. Original axe blades from the Viking era have been preserved. Many axes from our collection are based on such finds, like the Mammen axe and the Gotland axe. Discover our beautifully decorated axes, throwing axes and axes for reenactment.

Buy throwing axe for axe throwing

Are you looking for a strong axe for axe throwing? Check out our throwing axes from Hanwei, Cold Steel and Windlass Steelcrafts. These axes have a shorter shaft than battle axes and are perfect for axe throwing and axe throwing competitions. You can also find accessories in our shop to repair your axe if it has been used intensively for a long time, like a new shaft. This will make your axe last even longer.

Traditional hand axe, tomahawk, gang hatchet & pipe hawk

In our selection you can shop real traditional hand axes, suitable for modern use. We have medieval style axes and axes from the days of the American pioneers. Like the tomahawk, the hatchet & the pipe hawk. These axes are made in the traditional way, razor sharp and suitable for intensive use. Perfect for chopping wood, wood working and to use as a hammer. Your new favorite tool around the house!