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Irish shalaylee canes, blackthorn staff, Dragon stick, City stick by Cold Steel & United Cutlery. Viking carved wooden canes with Nordic designs such as dragons, wolves, rams.

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Shillelagh or shalaylee Irish walking stick by Cold Steel and United Cutlery

The shalaylee or shillelagh is a traditional Irish walking stick made from blackthorn. This strong stick is a reliable tool for traveling around Ireland's inhospitable hills and valleys. The walking stick has become a symbol of Ireland. The polypropylene models from Cold Steel and United Cutlery are a modern version of the shillelagh. Unlike wood, the material never breaks, never needs maintenance and still shows the typical blackthorn surface.

Carved wooden canes

A wooden walking stick is a beautiful object for home decoration and for everyday use. The carved walking stick is a special accessory for a medieval or fantasy festival. A walking stick with Fenrir wolf, Midgard snake, ram's head or dragon's head is a valuable addition to your Viking interior. Also great for Viking Cosplay costumes.