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Whetstone for sharpening swords

We have a large assortment of items like whetstones for sharpening and maintenance of swords. If you want to make semi-sharp swords and blunt swords razor sharp, it is best to have them sharpened by professionals. Blunt swords often get burrs during reenactment battles and martial arts. These burrs can be removed with a whetstone. It is important that swords do not have burrs because you can injure your opponents with them. Sharp swords can also cause burrs during cutting tests. That is why a whetstone is essential for every sword collector and sword owner.

Hanwei and Ballistol sword oil

We strongly recommend Ballistol anti-rust spray or Hanwei sword oil if you own a sword. Swords need to be maintained regularly. Especially if they have been in contact with moisture or touched with bare hands. Remove any rust with fine black sandpaper and polish the blade with fluorine toothpaste or polishing agent if necessary.

Wall hooks and displays for swords

We have wall displays and hooks for most of our swords. Some wall mounts are small and can be easily drilled into the wall. But we also have the popular large stands that often fit several swords at the same time. Many katana stands are also suitable for European swords.

Sword holders, scabbards and sword belts

We have a large assortment of sword scabbards, sword belts and sword holders for the belt. Most of our sword holders are based on historical originals and are made to be used during historical and medieval festivals or reenactments.