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In our webshop you can find beautiful and impressive Celtic bracelets to give as a present or for daily use. These bracelets are also great for reenactment and medieval costumes. The bracelets are made of several materials such as leather, bronze, silver and silver-plated bronze. We have Celtic bracelets of all price ranges. The bracelets are handmade in Europe.

Celtic knot bracelets, spiral bracelets, triquetra bracelets

We have Celtic bracelets based on authentic jewelry from the Iron Age, La Tene and Hallstatt Celtic periods. These are bracelets with geometric motifs and spirals: the art style of this period, and animals such as snakes and wild boars. Another type of bracelet is decorated with Irish insular knotwork from the Middle Ages, based on knotwork in the famous Book of Kells and other visual sources. We also have Celtic bracelets with modern Celtic symbols such as the triquetra and modern Celtic knotwork.