Medieval, Renaissance & pirate belts

Discover our authentic Renaissance, pirates and medieval belts, based on real medieval belts! For LARP, Reenactment, Cosplay and Medieval Costumes. Free shipping available

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Medieval and Renaissance belts

Discover our collection of authentic leather medieval and Renaissance belts. The buckles and ends of these belts are based on finds from the Middle Ages and on medieval paintings. We have cheaper belts with a buckle only, and luxuriously decorated belts with belt fittings. Find the perfect belt for your medieval or Renaissance costume. A belt is essential for a reenactment and LARP costume. As early as the Middle Ages, people wore a belt over their clothing so that they could hang bags, money pouches, axes and knives on it.


Pirate belts

We also have a collection of pirate belts for a Pirate Cosplay, LARP or Reenactment. The 17th and 18th century buckles are often wider than the medieval buckles and they have a more rectangular shape instead of the medieval round shape.