Drinking horns, bags and more for medieval fairs & Viking festivals. Lifestyle and home deco objects for modern Pagans & Vikings. Woodcarvings, Viking cups, lanterns, sheepskins

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Drinking horns and horn cups for medieval fairs & Viking festivals

The best weekends of the year are reenactment & LARP events and medieval festivals & Renaissance fairs. What do you need to survive a festival weekend? If you are going to drink some mead, you will need a beautiful Viking horn to drink in style. A medieval festival bag or a potion holder is also very handy! And how about a signal horn for your medieval costume?

Pagan lifestyle and Viking lifestyle: pagan wood carvings for the modern heathen

As a modern Viking or pagan you prefer to decorate your home with pagan decorative objects. Viking decoration items are rare and difficult to find in normal stores. At Celtic WebMerchant you can find everything to decorate your home in Viking style. Paint a wall black and decorate it with Viking and Wicca woodcarvings of, for example, a pentagram, the god Odin or a Valknut clock. Buy sheepskins for the living room, hand-forged candle holders and incense or a cozy Viking home.

Beard oil by DutchBeards

Having a Viking beard is part of the pagan lifestyle! For a medieval festival you may want to decorate your beard with extra beard beads. Braiding your beard is easier when you comb it with a horn or bone beard comb. To make your beard smell wonderful every day, we have beard oil from the beard brand DutchBeards. This beard oil is handmade and completely cruelty-free.