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Battle ready bascinets by GDFB, Ulfberth & Marshal Historical

Discover our expert selection of battle ready bascinet helmets. In our reenactment experience, we spent ten years with bascinet on several battlefields in Europe. We have custom made bascinets tempered for combat reenactment and bascinets by quality brands such as GDFB, Ulfberth & Marshal Historical. Many bascinets have vervelles to which you can fastena chainmail aventail. We recommend attaching the aventail to the hauberk or gambeson with leather straps.

Bascinets for full contact and combat reenactment

For full contact combat reenactment such as Bohurt we recommend tempered and 2 mm thick bascines. The tempering makes the steel tougher so that it can withstand greater impacts. Tempering or hardening is a 15th century invention that was initially used by the armor smiths from Italy.

Houndskull bascinet, great bascinet, klappvisor & pig faced bascinet

The bascinet evolved from the secret helmet. The secret helmet was worn underneath the medieval great helmet. This is the most famous knight helmet in the Middle Ages. Open bascinets were worn from the 14th century onwards. Later, bascinets with a visor such as the houndskull bascinet and klappvisor bascinet were developed. The wearer could open the visor or remove it.