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In our webshop you can shop a huge selection of rapiers from the best brands: Cold Steel, Hanwei, Deepeeka, Windlass, Haller & more. All rapiers are fully functional and made of real steel. In the product descriptions you can find more information about the origin of the rapiers, the steel quality, the edge and whether a scabbard is included. We have blunt high quality rapiers for HEMA, sword fighting, reenactment and fencing. And also beautifully decorated and (razor-sharp) rapiers for on the wall.

The history of the rapier

The rapier is a type of sword that mainly occurs in the 16th and 17th century. It has clearly evolved from the swords in previous centuries. The development of swords is often a reaction to the body protection that people wore. The blade of the rapier is longer and pointier than previous sword types. It has a basket to protect the hand and finger rings for an improved use of the sword.

The rapier as a dueling sword and musketeer sword

In the Middle Ages, swords were very expensive and almost only affordable to the high elite and nobility. The rapier was not only the sword of the nobility, but also the weapon of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie was a social class that flourished due to the greater prosperity in Europe since the Renaissance. The rapier was not just the weapon of war anymore. People fought duels with a rapier and it was a fashion accessory during ceremonies, parades and walks through the city. The rapier was also the sword of the musketeers.