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We have everything you need for a medieval monk costume! Reenactment, LARP & Halloween. Monk robes, bells, cloaks and more. Free shipping available

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Monk robes for a monk costume

Here you can find everything for an authentic medieval monk costume. We have cloaks, habits and robes and accessories such as a medieval incense burners and bells. Perfect for medieval reenactment, living history, museums, theater and carnival and Halloween.

Medieval pilgrim badges

Medieval pilgrim badges were made of pewter so they were affordable souvenirs for normal people. They were worn on the coat, tunic or chaperon. Medieval badges told something about the wearer. There were badges that represented a profession. Such as sailor, archer or surgeon. Badges also presented a political preference. But the most famous badges were bought during a pilgrimage as a souvenir. For example pilgrims to Santiago de Compostella or to Canterbury. Badges with saints on them protected the owner. So in the Middle Ages, the choice which pilgrim badge to wear was very important. This tradition continues at Medieval Reenactment. With our large selection of badges, Medieval reenactors can create their own medieval character and backstory. Our badges are handmade and based on archaeological finds.