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The bollock dagger or kidney dagger

This type of dagger was so named after the shape of the grip: it is shaped like two balls. Kidney daggers were worn by all classes of society and were a useful defense weapon in the dangerous medieval cities. These daggers were also used as tools. Kidney daggers were so popular that they were made in large quantities. Every archaeological service finds them regularly in medieval cities. This dagger was also called a bollock dagger.

Medieval daggers, roundel daggers

The roundel dagger was used from the beginning of the 14th century. The dagger became popular because it had two guards. The guards protected the hand and the dagger could be drawn quickly, even if the attack was unexpected. Later, as plate armor became more developed, the roundel dagger was an perfect weapon to stab between the cracks of armor parts. In Italy these daggers were further developed. They got more narrow and developed into the stiletto dagger. Which actually means penknife, referring to the pen-shaped tip of the roundel dagger.