Face paint

Fake blood, fake teeth, elven ears and other special effects for creating LARP, Cosplay and Halloween photos for Instagram. Epic Armoury face & body paint and sponges.

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Fake blood for sale

Fake blood can come in handy for a pagan or Viking photoshoot. Our fake blood is high quality and made by Epic Effect, which is owned by Epic Armoury. For example, you can mix the blood with coffee for a slightly browner color, or mix in extra water.

Face paint for Vikings Cosplay

With every phone camera and digital camera you can take the most beautiful professional photos. All you need is professional face paint that will last for a few hours. The face paint by Epic Effect is perfect for photographing a shield maiden, for example. You can use the black color to paint runes on the skin. You can also apply this face paint to the rest of the body as body paint.

Devil horns and vampire teeth

These fake teeth are easy to insert and stay in place. Perfect for a photo shoot! You can glue the horns to the forehead with the special glue.