Wall hooks & decoration

Viking and medieval ornaments for furniture and home deco. Chest hinges, nails, chest fittings and handles for medieval furniture. Hand-forged wall hooks for hanging decorations.

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Viking ornaments: wall hooks for home deco

With hand-forged wall hooks you can hang all kinds of things in the house for an extra medieval atmosphere. You will also find all kinds of other living accessories to decorate your home and garden in Viking style.

Making a medieval door

You can easily transform a wooden door in an authentic medieval door. To make a medieval door you can sand the paint off a wooden door and stain the door so that you get a beautifully colored wooden door. Replace the hinges and put in a medieval door handle. Hit some hand-forged nails in the door for the finishing touch.

Making a medieval chest with chest fittings

You can use a medieval chest in the hallway or bedroom for storing things. Also beautiful in the living room as a TV cabinet or a coffee table. For making a medieval chest or table we have hand-forged nails, hinges and chest fittings. You only need to hammer these parts in the wooden furniture to make it medieval.