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Everything you need for eating at a reenactment or LARP. Medieval wine glasses, cups, jugs, dishes, bowls, oil lamps, beer mugs, bottles and more. Authentic medieval replicas

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Roman glass, oil lamps and cups

We have everything you need for Roman reenactment and living history. During a reenactment you want authentic replicas for eating and drinking. We have Roman terra sigillaga and glass cups, dishes, bowls and oil lamps.

Medieval wine glasses and cups

Medieval reenactors and LARPers want to dine and drink in style. We have beautiful authentic medieval glass and clay cups for your reenactment camp. They are based on depictions in medieval manuscripts, paintings and glass windows. Also perfect for medieval banquets and dining. Our glasses are wonderful gifts for medieval history lovers.


Wine glasses for still life paintings

We have several handmade Roemers. These traditional Renaissance wine glasses are often depicted on masterpieces by Flemish and Dutch painters. Our authentic Roemers are made after historical examples. During banquets people had greasy hands and roemer cups were designed to not slip from the hand. Roemers are depicted in paintings by Rembrandt, Jan Steen and more.

Viking cups and dishes for reenactment and LARP

When you are a Viking reenactor or LARPer you want to dine in Viking style. We have cups and dishes made after archaeological finds from the Viking era. They are made from glass or clay made in the traditional way. Our Viking cups are perfect for drinking water and other beverages at LARP and reenactment events.