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Here you can buy everything for Dungeons and Dragons. 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons books with game rules to start playing immediately. Player's handbook

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What do you need to buy before you can get started playing Dungeons and Dragons? The basic requirements are a set of polydice and knowledge of the rules of the game. You can then decide for yourself how far you want to go with purchasing Dungeons and Dragons stuff. When you play with your group, it can be useful to buy a play mat. Each player has a miniature or token and moves around the grids of the play mat. The grids clearly show where everyone is in the game and where the monsters are. A DM screen is also recommended for the Dungeon Masters. The DM sits behind the screen so his notes are hidden from the players. You can find the rules for Dnd on the internet, but we recommend the books for several reasons.


Dungeons and Dragons books


The official Dungeons and Dragons books from Wizards of the Coast contain all the rules with which you can play Dnd 5th edition yourself. It is more convenient to have the books than to search the internet. The books are conveniently arranged so you can quickly find your way through all the information. They are also wonderful books to have because of the artwork. Which books do you absolutely need to get started with Dungeons and Dragons? We recommend the Core Rulebook Gift Set. This contains the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide and the Monster Manual. This is all you need for your first campaign. All players in your party can create a character using the Player's Handbook, and read through the rules to get to know the game. The DM has all the info in the Guide to create campaigns. As a DM you can find an overview of monsters that you can use in campaigns in the Monster Manual.