Discover our transparent and dark LARP latex by Epic Armoury. Make your own LARP weapon! We also have latex repair glue for repairing LARP weapons

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Transparent and dark LARP latex

We sell several quantities of LARP latex, from 100 ml to several liters. After you have painted your own LARP weapon or shield, you can apply layers of latex. Do not apply a new layer until the previous layer has dried. With latex you protect the inside of the LARP weapon, so the core, EVA foam and the paint. Especially if you often use your LARP weapon in battles, it is important that you maintain the latex layer and check it regularly. As soon as it starts to dry, you should spray it with silicone spray. We also sell this spray in our webshop.

Fix LARP weapons with latex glue

If you have used your LARP weapon intensively, it may be damaged or cracked. If your fiberglass core is damaged, throw the weapon away! It is unsafe to use for any further LARP battles. If the damage is only in the foam and latex, you can quickly repair it with our repair glue. Apply glue to both sides of the damaged foam and press them together. If necessary, you can remove excess glue with a cloth of warm water. You can also apply a new layer of latex over it.