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Roman, medieval and Viking pans, cauldrons and grills for medieval cooking. Perfect for LARP, reenactment, museums and medieval fairs. Free shipping available

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Cooking at a LARP or reenactment event

At Reenactment and LARP events cooking is done in an authentic way on an open fire. In our shop you can find everything you need for Roman, Viking and medieval cooking. We have years of experience with cooking on an open fire. Our employees are happy to inform you about the equipment.

Medieval cooking at home

Our medieval kettles are of course also suitable for cooking on a campfire at home, for example in the garden. With our campfire plates you can easily make a campfire place in your garden. You can prepare medieval food or hold a medieval garden party in no time.

Viking and medieval cauldrons and kettles

Our kettles and other kitchen equipment are often based on archaeological finds. Our Viking cauldrons and tripods, for example, are based on originals found in the Oseberg ship in Norway. Some of our tripods are also based on Roman finds from Herculaneum and Pompeii.