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Modern Celtic jewelry and Celtic jewelry from history

In our webshop you can find the most beautiful authentic and handmade Celtic jewelry and jewelry from history and modern Celtic jewelry. The Celtic culture is very broad. We have replica jewelry from archaeological finds from the Iron Age Celtic La Tene and Hallstatt period and the Gallo-Roman period. Around the beginning of the era the Celts were spread over large parts of Europe. In modern times, Celtic culture had a revival. We also sell modern Celtic jewelry with modern symbols such as the triskelion.

Celtic pendant, Celtic necklace, Celtic cross pendant

Discover our assortment of Celtic pendants and necklaces. We have historical pendants and modern Celtic pendants such as Celtic cross pendants, triskelion and triquetra pendants and Celtic knot motifs. These are great gifts for Scotland and Ireland lovers! In these countries the Celtic crosses and triskelion still play an important role in the symbolism. Celtic crosses are common in cemeteries all over Scotland, Wales and Ireland. This symbol of Celtic Christianity is a combination of a cross and a pagan sun wheel. Trisquelions are a symbol of the modern Celtic nations. For example, the Isle of Man has a trisquelion on its flag

Celtic Gods and Figures: Cernunnos, Taranis, Green Man

For the Celtic reenactor, lover of Celtic history and modern pagans, we have pendants of the Celtic gods. Cernunnos, or the horned one, was the god of nature, prosperity and the underworld. Taranis was the god of thunder, knowledge and magic. Many depictions of the Celtic gods are based on the historical Gundestrup kettle. The Green Man is a symbol of spring rebirth and associated with the Celtic god Lud.