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Are you looking for samurai swords? We have more than 10 years of experience in selling samurai swords online. In our webshop you can buy a new samurai sword reliably and completely safe. All (razor-sharp) swords are packed securely so that they are delivered safely to your home. Your package is always insured, so if a package is lost or damaged, you simply get a new sword. We sell samurai swords from the best brands for the lowest price. In our webshop you can find samurai swords from the brands CAS Hanwei, Cold Steel and John Lee.

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Browse our selection of Japanese and Chinese swords. Almost all swords are razor-sharp and suitable for cutting tests. The Japanese swords (katanas, tantos, wakizashis, bokkens and iaitos) are made from traditional materials such as rayskin and Japanese cotton with a traditionally designed tsuba, fuchi, menuki and kashira. We also have separate parts so that you can assemble and make your own katana. There is also a selection of Chinese swords and weapons. Check out our tai chi swords, dadaos, and war swords.