LARP masks & character props

We have Epic Armoury and Mytholon latex masks, props, fake blood, elven ears, troll noses, LARP make up, colored lenses, vampire teeth and other LARP & Halloween accessories.

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Buy elven ears, troll noses and witch noses

We have several ears and noses for Halloween, LARP and Cosplay. Create a troll, witch, elf, goblin or other fantasy character! Be someone else for a day with our realistic noses and ears by Epic Armoury

Latex mask, Cosplay lenses and fake blood makeup

Do you want to buy a latex mask for LARP, Halloween, carnival or any other occasion? Our latex masks by Epic Armoury are high quality, very realistic and are comfortable on the skin. They are easy to wear for a day and you can also adjust and paint them with Epic Effect make up. We have orc masks, trolls, zombies, witches and other gruesome creatures.

LARP props: skeletons, severed fingers, binoculars

We have a variety of props as a decor for your LARP scenarios. Pirate binoculars, severed fingers and toes, severed troll heads, bags of bones, skeletons, stones, rolling pins, skulls and other items. They are made of foam and plastic, so they are easy to take to a LARP event.