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We have the most beautiful LARP weapons for your LARP character. These weapons are also suitable for carnival, Halloween and Cosplay. They are made to look very realistic, but they are lightweight. Browse our throwing knives, maces, wands, wizard staffs, daggers, hammers, post-apocalyptic weapons such as ice axes and much more. There is a large choice of weapons for every type of LARP and character.

LARP weapons by the best LARP brands: Mytholon, Epic Armoury, Windlass, Calimacil, Freyhand

Our LARP weapons are made by excellent brands and are safe for LARP battles. They are made of foam with a fiberglass core and a latex coating. We also have soft coreless LARP weapons. We only sell LARP weapons from renowned and official LARP brands. We offer the lowest price guarantee on all these brands.

LARP weapon maintenance

LARP weapons have a latex coating that can damage or dry out. You can spray your LARP weapon monthly with silicone spray, or when the latex layer starts to feel dry. You can spread the liquid over the surface with a cloth.