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Buy the Dungeons and Dragons starter set and essential kit 5th ed here! Everything you need to get started with the greatest role playing game in the world.

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Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set


A Dungeons and Dragons starter set is a perfect way to get started with Dnd. Unlike video games and other board games, as a Dnd player you can do whatever you want within the fantasy world of the people at your table. Be whoever you want. Do whatever you want. The sky's the limit! But maybe all that free choice is a bit overwhelming at first. Class, Race, background, etc... That's why it's useful to start with a starter set, so you can quickly and easily play the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons! At Celtic WebMerchant you buy starter sets and rulebooks. The starter set and essentials kit contain dice, an adventure that you as a Dungeon Master can embark on without any preparation. There is also a compact rulebook, which contains only the most important rules and characters. In addition, the sets contain a Dungeon Master screen, a map and tokens. You just need some friends and then you can just start playing Dungeons and Dragons. We also have 2 sets with the most important books to play Dnd. These are much more extensive than the book that is included in the starter set and essentials kit. These books are also very useful to keep on hand while playing, especially if you want to look up something quickly as beginning players.