Shop for Roman, medieval and Viking reenactment. Everything for your reenactment or LARP camp! Axes, knives, crafts, bags, cutlery, kettles, combs, coins, wax tablets, leather books

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Reenacting the daily life of a Roman, Viking or medieval person: reenactment & living history, museum education

In reenactment, living history and museums you try to show your love for history to others. You try to empathize with the daily life of a historical person. Historical utensils help you to live the life of a Roman, Viking or medieval person. In our shop you can find all the historical utensils to spend a day in the life of a Roman, Viking or medieval man. This is great for yourself as a reenactor or museum employee, but also very interesting for visitors who have often never encountered history like this.

The surgeon & Roman bathhouse

We have everything for reenacting a medieval surgeon and demonstrate a historical operation. We have various surgery sets and items such as ear spoons. We also have items to reenact a Roman bathhouse. With the strigilis they scraped the oil from the skin and perfume and oil were kept in a balsamarium . Here you can find horn and bone combs, beard combs, historical razors and mirrors for reenactment.

Work knives, hemp ropes and medieval tools

At a living history and reenactment event or in a museum, you can spend all day making a historical piece of furniture such as a chest or a door. In our shop you can find work knives, medieval tools, door handles, chest fittings, hinges and all kinds of other useful things to get started with historical woodworking. Hemp ropes are always handy to have, and beautiful as decoration for a camp or a historical room.