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What is Castlefest and when is it?

Castlefest is a beautiful medieval and fantasy festival that is held twice a year. The largest version of the festival takes place in August, and a smaller Winter Castlefest in December. The festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. The great thing about Castlefest is that it coincides with the Celtic harvest festival Lughnasadh. A highlight of the festival is the traditional burning of the wicker man. You can also follow various workshops on Celtic culture, spirituality and other interesting topics.

Where is Castlefest?

Castlefest is held every year in the beautiful gardens of Keukenhof Castle in Lisse. Because of the beautiful background, the festival is popular with Cosplayers and LARPers who want to photograph their outfit. The site is also beautifully decorated as a medieval town with markets and stages where the best folk bands perform. There is also a campsite at Castlefest, so you can sleep close to the festival site for the entire duration of the festival.

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