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The shop for Celtic and Viking beard beads! Silver, bronze and brass beard beads with runes, wolves, Thor's hammers and Celtic knots. The best beads for your beard

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Buy Celtic and Viking beard beads

Discover our great assortment of beard beads! Most of these beard beads are based on real beads from history. These are the most beautiful beads you can find for your Viking beard. Are you looking for a beard bead with spirals and knotwork, or with a Thor's hammer, a wolf, dragon or Viking runes? With these beard beads you can create an impressive Viking beard. They are also beautiful to give as a gift to bearded friends.

How to put beard beads in your beard

Putting beard beads in your beard is easy and fun. You can use a thread to create a braid and fasten beard beads on the thread. You can put several beads in a braid or just fasten them at the end of a strand of hair. Comb your hair with a beard comb. With beard oil or beard balm you make your beard hair easy to style.