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Discover our Celtic and Roman belts. Roman cingulum, phalerae, cintus for Roman reenactment. Deepeeka replica belts, Greek and gladiator belts. Free shipping available

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Roman belt: cingulum, cintus, phalerae

Discover our beautiful belts for Roman reenactment. Most of our Roman belts are made by Deepeeka and Windlass Steelcrafts, top brands in historic replicas. The cingulum was the standard belt of Roman legionaries. We have several cingulae based on original belts. Like the Tekjie cingulum found in Serbia. The cintus is a belt on which the pugio could be hung. Phallerae were medals awarded to a centurion for impressive achievements. The centurion wore the phalerae around the body.

Celtic belts

Few original Celtic garments have been excavated. It is likely that they wore cloth belts or simple leather ring belts. In our shop you can buy both types of belts for a Celtic reenactment or LARP costume.