LARP axes, maces & hammers

Discover our LARP axes and LARP hammers. We sell Epic Armoury, Mytholon, Windlass, Freyhand, Calimacil & more LARP brands. High quality LARP weapons, free shipping available!

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LARP hammers, axes and maces

Discover our LARP melee weapons such as maces, axes and hammers. Tested and 100% approved for LARP battles. Matching sheaths and belt holders are available for all our LARP weapons. We have LARP maces and axes based on Viking and medieval weapons. But also fantasy hammers and axes for dark elven, orc and more characters. Our LARP weapons are your best friend in LARP battles! Years of fun guaranteed with these high quality LARP maces and axes.

Maintenance of LARP axes, hammers and maces

It is important for all LARP weapons to be regularly maintained. If a weapon has a damaged core, it is best to throw it away. The foam and latex layers can be repaired. We sell foam repair glue specially developed for repairing LARP weapons. The weapons have a latex outer layer which can dry out. It is therefore important to regularly apply silicone spray on your LARP weapons. We recommend Epic Armoury silicone spray.