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Make your own costume belt with our leather straps. Several lengths, widths and colors. For Viking, Medieval, Renaissance and Pirate belts. Free Shipping available

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Leather straps to make your own belt

Do you want to make your own belt for your LARP, reenactment or Cosplay costume? With our leather straps you can make a beautiful belt. It is strong leather and you can make holes for the buckle and the belt fitting with a leather prong or piercer. You can decorate the belt as you wish! For example, you can also burn or carve a pattern in the leather, such as Celtic knotwork. Our belt straps are also very useful for armor and other crafts.

How to fasten buckles and belt fittings to the belt

Make sure that the buckle or belt fitting is not too wide for the leather you have selected. At the back of the belt fitting are pins with caps. Prick holes in the leather where you want to fasten the belt fitting. Put the pins through and close them with the caps. Your belt is ready! There is also belt fitting without caps. These pins are a bit thinner, you can bend them or hit them with a rubber hammer so that they are fixed to the leather. There are also narrow buckles without pins. With these buckles you put the leather through, and sew the pieces of leather together.